Work Performed: Design Development
Industry: Retail

A local Las Vegas supplier of water purifying equipment needed a modern redesign of their website.

We sat down with them and came up with a new design that incorporated a focus on the different products they sold.  The pages delivered more information, and used more visually appealing photos.

Based on their customer’s needs, we decided to forego responsive, mobile design as the majority of their customers view their website from a laptop or computer.  It was decided that the best format for showing content was on a full page fixed layout.

The project took 1 week to build, and we also provide fully-managed hosting for them.


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Aether Filters is a local water purifying equipment supplies company that provides equipment for many of the Las Vegas Strip hotels and businesses. They needed a more modern redesign of their website that would do a better job of demonstrating the features of their products. search engine marketing las vegas. We worked with them to develop an appealing layout that would do a good jo ould easily login to manage their content. Part of the redesign was to port all the data from the old website to the new one. The clients did not see the need for responsive design, as most of their customers would be viewing their website from an office and on a regular computer. Normally we recommend that a website be mobile-friendly & responsive, but in this case the extra costs didn't justify the small user base that would be on mobile devices. Digital Marketing Las Vegas. We fully designed and developed the website, ported all the data over, and we also currently provide fully-managed hosting of their website.