Developed a customized CMS solution for a synchronized Internet website & Intra-net portal. Full design & development services provided, including custom software plugins for Calendering, RSVP, Personnel Database, and Document Management System.

We also created a Judge personnel system, so that each of them could have their own profile page.  This was a long-term project (spanned 1 year), and we worked with multiple federal stakeholders in the court system to finish the project


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We were approached by the Kansas Federal Court System for a project to redesign their website. Along with the website redesign, they also needed an intranet website that would appear only to internal users, such staff and judges. The intranet content was to be tied to the internet website content as well. search engine optimization Las Vegas. We accomplished this by creating a custom cron job to automatically backup the internet database tables nightly, and to migrate it over to the intranet database. In this way, the content on both websites were an exact copy of each other. We also developed several customs software plugins to accomplish several of their business needs. We developed a page control system so that only certain departments could access specific pages. In this way, they could control modifications to the website content. Search Engine Marketing Las Vegas. Another plugin we developed was an Ajax-loading document system, in which documents could be accessed without reloading the page. Instead the content would load asynchronously inline with the rest of the webpage content.