Designed an easy-to-navigate website using minimal design aspects.  The design is responsive & flexible so it responds to the size of the screen.    This was done so that it looked good and easy to read on small mobile devices.

The main goal of the design was to market the different services offered by the law firm, and to make it easy for Leads to be gathered on every page.  We also assisted with content creation for SEO purposes on the website.  We currently manage & host this website for our client.


Responsive Tablet Design

Responsive Phone Design


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The main goal of the website was to attract potential clients and to gather their emails for Lead Generation. The client wanted the website to be simple and easy to navigate. They also wanted a fully responsive design that would look good on tablets and other mobile devices. We created a Services system that listed all the practice areas that the attorney specialized in. web hosting las vegas. We created all the content for the pages, and we also built a large-image design that was refreshing and original. We also handle SEO strategy for the website. We create original SEO-engineered articles that help his pages to rank more highly in Google searches for local services. The design process took about 1 week, while coordinating with the client, and the development took another week. We host & manage this website currently for the client. We also periodically create SEO articles for them to continue their internet marketing strategy. Las Vegas Web Design. if you would like us to develop a modern-designed website that incorporates responsive design aspects, please use the box above to get the process started. We will get back to you within 24 hours, and we will schedule a meeting to meet with you in person.