Las Vegas Web Hosting.  We are a full-service Las Vegas web design company, and we also provide web hosting.  We offer fully-managed hosting to include server security, daily backups, and automated software updates.  Unlike other web hosting companies make you do everything, we take care of all the technical aspects so that you can spend more time managing your business.

Fully-Managed Hosting

If you’ve tried to get hosting yourself, you know how difficult it can be for the non-technical laymen.  You have to configure the server, add the FTP user, install the database, and setup the email all by yourself.  We usually get customers that come to us after they’ve tried to do their own hosting but end in complete failure.  Although web technology has advanced significantly, hosting is still one of the most difficult aspects that a business owner faces.  We know this, which is why we take care of everything.


Website and server security are increasingly important in today’s volatile online world.  If you follow the news, you hear the stories of companies getting hacked and customer data being stolen.  The threat is real, and the number of hacker bots are increasing at an exponential rate.  On a daily basis we fend off hundreds of attacks and spam attempts on our client’s websites.  A single Las Vegas business owner shouldn’t be expected to be able to handle security on there own, and it’s dangerous to expect an untrained person will be able to do it properly.

Daily Backups

Websites can go down sometimes.  Data can be corrupted and you can end up losing all your work (and customers) if you don’t have current backups of your website.  If you’ve ever had your computer hard drive fail and lose your data, then you can understand how sensitive websites are.  Because of this, we do daily backups of your website database, files, and images.  So if anything goes wrong, we’re able to bring your site up with a copy only 1 day old.

You don’t think about backups until you need them.  But when you need them you REALLY need them.  That’s why we do daily backups, and that’s why your website is safe with us.

Software Updates

Did you know that the #1 way that websites get hacked is via outdated software?  If you’re using an open source CMS to run your website than it’s imperative to keep it up do date.   The reason for this is that when a website hacking vulnerability is found, the CMS makers will often release updates which repair it.  However, most business owners are so busy with their daily lives that they are never even aware of the issue.    Worse off, after their Las Vegas website is hacked, many of them are not even aware of it.  This is the best way to get your website banned from Google and to lose customers.

We know that most business owners don’t have the time or ability to properly update their websites, and then fix the breaks that can periodically occur with updates.  Because of this, we will update your CMS for you, and also any plugins on your website.  We will then monitor your website for any breaks caused by the update, and repair them free of charge (within reason).  As long as we designed and built the plugin we will maintain it.  This may sound like a trivial service, but if you try to hire someone to do this for you, the price would not be cheap.

Along with providing web hosting Las Vegas, we also provide a host of other web-related services to include web design, web development, Las Vegas SEO, and graphic design.  Give us a call today so we can help take your website to the next level.



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As a full-service Las Vegas web services company, we also provide managed hosting for our client's websites. This includes server management, software updates, security, and daily backups. Las Vegas internet marketing. We ensure that your website's CMS software is always up to date to ensure it is secure, and that you have the latest features at your disposal. Security is also another important aspect, as hackers are becoming a more dangerous threat online. web marketing las vegas. Please contact us If you would like fully-managed Las Vegas website hosting.