A small Oregon Ice Creamery company needed a modern website that would appeal to a younger demographic of buyers.  They also wanted to sell ice cream via their website, so they needed an eCommerce setup.

We setup a responsive, mobile-ready website design that would allow the website to look good on tablets & smartphones, as these were a majority of their customers preference in accessing their site.  We also developed a custom software plugin that allowed them to turn their photos into a full-page responsive, beautiful storyboard layout that brought their business to life.

Their eCommerce setup included a Product listing system, Shopping Cart functionality, and a checkout payment page tied to a Payment Gateway.  This was a 1-month design & development project, and we currently fully host & manage their website for them.

Responsive Tablet Design

Responsive Phone Design

Red Wagon Creamery is a small Oregon ice cream maker that specializes in making organic, and natural, locally-sourced ingredient products. Their emphasis is on sustainable food production, and they support local small agricultural operations. They needed a complete redesign of their website to be more appealing to a younger demographic. internet marketing las vegas. They also noted that most of their website users were accessing their website using a mobile device. Many were on the road or away from home and wanted up to the minute information about the business. We worked with the client to develop a modern, visually appealing website that had a flexible layout that would respond to different screen sizes. This is known as responsive layout. las vegas search engine marketing. We also decided to make the website appear as an app so that younger users would feel more comfortable using the website. We also setup a product display and checkout system so that users could order ice cream via the website.