Google Maps Business View

 Google now allows a Virtual Tour of Your Business to be placed on Google Maps.


When you get your own Virtual Tour you can view it directly on Google (see sample tour online), or you can embed it on your website like so:

(1) Click & drag to look around.  (2) Use the arrows to move through the Tour


After you get your Google Maps Virtual Tour, you get an Enhanced listing on Google Search allowing customers to “See Inside”:




You also get an Enhanced “See Inside” listing on Google Maps




Why do I Need One?

Increase Customer Engagement

Google has done several Case Studies on businesses with Google Maps Virtual Tours, and they found that businesses experienced higher customer engagement after their Tour was posted on Google. (Case studies provided upon request).

Affordable One-Time Setup

If you would like to increase customer engagement, then a Google Maps Tour is an affordable way to do it.  Compared to other forms of advertising (newspaper, TV, Groupon, etc.), it is much more affordable, and it is only a one-time fee.

No Recurring Charges

Regular advertising stops working when you stop paying for it, but your Virtual Tour will be on Google forever, at no extra charge.

Enhanced Google Listings

An additional benefit is that you get Enhanced listings in Google Search & Google Maps.  This helps you stand-out amongst your competition.

Embed On Your Website & Facebook

Businesses can embed the Tours on their website & Facebook to help engage customers and get them interested.  Since the tours can be started at any specific location, you can highlight noteworthy areas of your business (ex. buffet line, outdoor patio, gift shop, etc.).   (Embedding Business View on Website)


In short, Business View is an affordable, ongoing way to engage more customers, and separate you from your competition.


How To Get One

As certified Google Maps Business View Photographers, we are granted permission (by Google) to take specialized Panoramic Photography inside your business.

We then merge these photos together using state-of-the-art software to create your Virtual Tour.

Once complete, we submit your Tour to Google, and we coordinate with them to get your Tour posted on Google Maps & Google Search.

One-Time Setup Fee

One-time setup fees are flat-rate, and they are based on the square footage of your business (only the public area in the Virtual Tour).  Minimum Total pricing starts at $250, in accordance with Google policy.

Under 1,500 sqft

Flat-rate of 33 cents/sqft

1,500 –  3,000 sqft

Flat-rate of 23 cents/sqft

Over 3,000 sqft

A custom assessment will be done on the business, to work out a rate that makes sense for the client’s budget.


We offer multiple-location discounts, and repeat-customer discounts.  (lower administrative costs on our end)


We will come in to measure your business prior to the shoot, and once we know the square footage of the area that will be in the Virtual Tour, we will give you an exact estimate.  Once you receive your estimate, it will be locked in for a period of 30 days, to protect you from periodic rate increases.

How Long Does it Take?

The process, from start-to-finish, takes 1 – 2 weeks.  If your business is not yet on Google Maps (we can get you listed), then add an additional week to get you listed first.

Please keep in mind that at any given time, we may have a backlog of businesses, so we suggest you contact us today, if you would like to get on the Schedule as soon as possible.


In Summary:

  • Google Maps Virtual Tours are an affordable way to increase customer engagement.
  • It separates you from the competition with Enhanced listings in Google.
  • One-time fee only (no recurring charges).
  • Your Tour will be listed forever on Google at no extra charge.
  • Takes a 1-2 weeks to go live on Google Search & Google Maps.

If you would like to participate in this new program from Google, and get your own Virtual Tour on Google Maps, please contact us to get on the Schedule.  Your rate will be locked in for 30 days, protecting you from future rate increases.


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