Embedding Business View Virtual Tours on a Website

Google Maps Business View tours are are not just viewable on Google Maps;  They are also designed to be embedded on your website (and Facebook as well).  Learn more about: Business View.


Business View Tours offer unique features:

  • Embeds can be any size (even fill the entire browser window).
  • Embeds can be started at any location in your business.
  • Users can look around & navigate (like they are really there).
  • Work well on Desktops, Tablets & Smartphones.
  • Never pay for hosting (Google hosts it free for you).

Sample Embedded Tour (MGM Lobby):

(1) Click & drag to look around. (2) Use the arrows to move through the Tour


You can highlight specific areas of your business, by starting the Embed at a desired location.  This unique feature is only offered by Google Business View.


Here’s the MGM Lobby Counter:



Closeup of the Lobby Lion:



Gift Shop inside the Lobby:



Google Business View is the most advanced, web-enabled Virtual Tour available, and best of all they are hosted free on Google (at no charge to you).

They can easily be embedded on your Website (or Facebook Page), and they get your customers’ attention.  They are a highly affordable way to stand out from your competition, and engage your customers.


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