A group of local inventors came to us to help market & sell their inventions worldwide.  We met with them to discuss a modern design that would look good on tablets & smartphones.  We also setup a Shopping Cart system and Checkout system tying customers to a Payment Gateway.

We took product photos for them, and did a studio session to get them professional photos.  We also did 4 video commercials.  One for each product page, and a video commercial for their home page.

Lastly, they needed more customers via the web, so we setup SEO on their website, and devised an SEO plan to help get them ranked on Google for their keywords.  We ran a detailed keyword analysis to determine the best keywords to go after.

We also helped with their Social Marketing by setting up and managing their Facebook Business page.  We produce content for their FB page to help stimulate more customer interaction.

For Internet Marketing, we handle their Google Adwords marketing to help fine tune their ads for maximum click-through.  We also optimized her Ad Landing pages to help bring down their cost per click by an average of 20%.

Responsive Tablet Design

Responsive Phone Design

A few local inventors invented a unique way to keep guitar picks safely within reach. They designed a holder that could be welded onto jewelry such as: rings, bolo ties, and necklaces. The picks would slip right into the holder and be worn on the person. las vegas internet marketing company. The picks also slid out easily when you wanted to play your guitar. They wanted to sell their products both locally in Las Vegas, and internationally to customers around the world. This required them to sell their products via their website. We designed an effective design that would appeal to customers, and we scheduled a photo & video shoot to capture the products. las vegas web marketing. We then developed their website, and incorporated SEO design aspects within their website. Along with SEO, we also set up their Facebook Business Page, and created interesting content that would appeal to social media users.