Project included: Project Management system to showcase the past, present & future projects that the firm is working on.  We also setup a Personnel system to showcase all staff on their website.  We also did content creation for them, and help them manage their content.

They have CMS capability, and they are able to change the website content whenever they need to.  We also help them manage their content for them when needed.  We currently host their website and manage their email services for them.


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TG Engineering is the second engineering team that approached us to build a website for them. They do work in a variety of different engineering fields for a host of different types of clients. The bulk of their work is in the governmental realm. They also do work for private companies. las vegas web designer. They needed a way to market their services to the many different types of clients they were going after. We designed a portfolio system that showcased the many different projects they had worked on, past, present and future. This allowed them to put a short writeup, and upload a picture of the project. The project could then be categorized into the different engineering areas that they specialized in. This categorization helped potential clients to peruse the different categories they were interested in. We also developed a Staff/Personnel listing system so that the public could see all the different team members. You can also click to contact the specific team member directly. website designer las vegas. We currently manage their email system for them. We set them up on the Google Apps system. This is a current client for us, and we currently host and manage their website for them, along with their email services.