Small businesses have different website needs than large businesses do.  Big businesses need large, corporate sites with lots of content, press releases, and just have a variety of different functions that need to be taken care of by their website.  A small business website, adversely, mainly just serves to provide a professional appearance for the business, and to serve as an efficient marketing tool to attract potential customers.

Because of these very different requirements, small business website development needs to be treated differently from big business website development.  Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and the small business owner ends up wasting their time & money.

This point is so important that it bears repeating: Small business websites (for brick & mortar businesses) only need to do 2 things:

1. Provide a professional appearance for the business

2. Market to potential customers via the internet


These 2 points only refer to brick & mortar businesses, whereas most of the services/products provided are executed off the internet.  For internet-based businesses (like BizSiteNow), our websites are a direct extension of our business functions and so they need to do alot more.

But that is off the subject, so let’s get back to talking about small business web site needs.

A small business website can execute the 2 objectives above by making sure they first have a trustworthy web development company on hire. Secondly, the small business needs to get their branding & marketing in order.  This means developing a main market focus (or niche) and designing everything (including logo, business slogan, etc.) around this market focus.

Oftentimes, small businesses don’t take the proper time to develop their branding & marketing strategies.  Well when it comes to building a website, this needs to be done first, otherwise the entire website will inevitably be modified over & over in the future.

So to get started, go to any search engine and search for "small business website development".  Then read up on some of the topics that pop up in your returned search.  Guaranteed most of the advice given will be to get your content done first before you decide to move into the realm of actually building your small business websites. 

This if the first piece of advice I give to small business owners: get your content first, and then worry about building a website for your small business.


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