This is the most affordable & effective form of advertisement you will ever come across (and it’s international not just local).

Here’s How it Works (a simple example):

  1. Your website is all about selling Left-Handed Hammers.
  2. We design your website (using SEO architectural design) to rank highly with Google  for the term “left handed hammer”.
  3. Additionally, we write SEO articles about “hammers” and place them all around the Internet.  Each article has links pointing back to your website to promote your site as a “left handed hammer” website.
  4. After a few months, we get your website ranked #1 in Google for the search term “left handed hammer”.
  5. Someone uses Google to search for “left handed hammer”.
  6. Your website is the 1st in the list, and so the user clicks on it and visits your website.
  7. They like your website, and purchase 100 Left-Handed Hammers from your company.
  8. We continue to write articles and promote your website to ensure that you maintain a top placement in Google for the term “left handed hammer”.

This is a fairly simplistic example, but does demonstrate the entire SEO Website Marketing Process.


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