Work Performed: Design Development
Industry: Government

The clients needed a very large site that could profile each of the hundreds of Shows showing on their channel.   Along with that, all the shows needed to be populated in an online Show Schedule for public viewers.  A staff system was created to profile each staff member, and a direct to email button was created so that each staff member could be easily emailed.

PBS also needed sections devoted different public users.  This included their PBS Kids section, their resource center for teachers, and several others.  We also periodically setup live streams for special events so viewer can watch right from their website.

PBS is a current client and we presently host & manage their website for them.


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We've done several jobs for government entities, and this was one of the larger ones. They required several custom software plugins developed to meet their needs. One of the biggest plugins we built for them was a Program Listing system. They are able to quickly add new programs into the website, so that they can be advertised to viewers. Web Marketing Las Vegas. Along with this, they are also able to schedule the show so it would automatically appear in the Program Scheduling system. The public can no go to the website to see what shows are coming up for the entire month. Currently there are about 10 users building and modifying the content of the website. We applied security to each system so that only people in certain departments could access different parts of the website. This created an accountability system so that content modification could be controlled. We also created a News & Updates system which connected to the Gallery Slider on the homepage. Las Vegas web design. This helped them to feature new programs and events for the public. Currently this website houses over 3000 pages, and experiences heavy traffic. We currently host and manage this website for PBS.