Draft 3

  • Client requested us to add a “Calendar Icon” link to the sidebar.
  • Client requested to add a “PayPal Icon” link to the sidebar.

Draft 2

  • Client Requested the following Layout modifications:
    • Footer. Teamwork, Achievement images – replace in Footer
    • Footer. Remove bottom logo
    • Sidebar. Remove ActiveNetwork logo
    • Body. Remove “Coach for Kids” statement for Draft 2
    • Header. Remove Phone Number (leave email), rewrite “contact us” message
  • In order to use the new “Teamwork” picture I had to darken the other images to match it, as the other 3 pictures were more bluish in tone.  When I initially put the new “Teamwork” picture in, the stark greens contrasted the blues in the 3 others.

Draft 1

  • Clients wants the following style of flash gallery on their homepage: http://www.flashxml.net/image-scroller.html
  • Following pages requested:
  • NOTE: The “About” link will be a dropdown, and will have:
    • Our coaches
    • About us
    • Map (how to find us)
    • etc.
  • Your announcements Box, is actually an “Announcements System” not just one page.   Typically we charge an extra $5 per month for each “System” you have on your site, but since we didn’t include it in our original quote, we will install this for you for free.


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