Draft 1

  • Joe told me the logo was 80% done, but I could not use the old version Joe forwarded to me.
    • The wave crests were not curved enough to wrap the Trident.
    • So I had to start from scratch.
    • But no worries, as the price in your Service Agreement (FREE!) still stands.
  • My personal thoughts, were that the Trident was not blending into the waves (it was sort of off to the side).
    • The Trident should really be at the center of the logo, since “Neptune” is really the focus of the Team’s name.
  • I tried “Neptune Swim Team“, and “Team Neptune” in the logo, and “Team Neptune” looked much better.
    • If you’d like I can put “Neptune Swim Team” below “Team Neptune” in smaller text.
    • (but I wanted you to see it before I did this).


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