Main Contact – Eryn Parrish (Head Coach)

671-487-3886   [email protected]

For Payment Issues – Bruce Spencer (Accountant)

671-929-8918    [email protected]

16 Dec 2010 – Had meeting with new head Coach Eryn Parrish on

  • Remove email forwards
    • It’s too complex and no one is using it
  • Advised her to add more photo galleries
  • replace email link with “click to contact” link which auto-populates a hidden sendto field in the Wufoo Form
  • CC Eryn on all emails
    • had to create their own Contact Form in Wufoo
  • She will be trying out the Announcements system, but might need to tweak it, as she wants a more newsletter format going forward.  Work with her to find out how to tweak the Announcements system.


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