is a website that allows you to upload numerous files at once (or large files), and then send a link to a friend.

When your friend clicks the link, MediaFire then downloads your files to your friend’s computer.

So basically it’s an easy way to transfer files to a friend.

This tutorial goes over how to upload & share your download link with your friend in only 6 easy steps!

Step 1:

Go to (click link) and click on the big green button.

 1 (Small)

Step 2:

  • After clicking the Green button, a window will popup.
  • Note the instructions as you might need them in Step 3:  “Use CTRL+Mouse Click to select multiple files”.
  • Click on the yellow box (and a new window pops up).

 2 (Small)

Step 3:

  • In the new window,  select the file (or files) you want to upload.
  • If you have more than 1 file in a folder you’d like to upload:
    • hold the CTRL key on your keyboard
    • (with key held) use your Mouse to highlight all the files you want to upload.
  • With files all selected, click the Open button.
    • might look different if you are using Mac, but the button should still say “Open”.
  • The window will close, and you now click on the green Begin Uploading button.
  • Your uploading will begin, and now you just wait till it’s done.

 3 (Small)


  • Once uploading is complete, you will see your file in the window with a blue Share link.
  • Click the Share link.

 4 (Small)

Step 5

A new window will popup, and you click the “Copy Link” link.

 5 (Small)

Step 6

  • With the link “copied”, you now just go into your email account, start an Email, and “Paste” the code into the body of the email.
    • Pasting can be done by right-clicking (Mouse)  in the body area, and selecting “Paste”.
    • Pasting can also be done by hitting CTRL+V on your keyboard.
  • Address the email to:  [email protected]
    • or any other email for the person you are dealing with at BizSiteNow.
  • That’s it!

 6 (Small)


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