Do you maintain a large list of emails addresses (aka Mailing List or ListServ) which you email regularly?

If so, then this service is designed for you.

Here’s How it Works:

  1. We add all your emails under our Mass Mailing account.
  2. You email us with the content of your Mass Email (subject, body, attachments).
  3. We send out your Mass Email for you.
  4. We provide you with user behavior  statistics every month (how many people opened, and clicked on links, etc.).

Reasons why you’d want to use this service:

  • Most Email services (like Gmail or Yahoo) will blacklist your email, and possibly close your account if you attempt to mass email with a personal email account.
  • To legitimately email many people, you need to use a Mass Email service due to recent anti-SPAM laws.
  • It saves you time & confusion because we send your Mass emails for you.
  • Our Mass emailing service provides you with detailed statistics on how many people opened your emails.
  • Save money (Mass Emailing Services can cost $50 per month).  Since you’re under our account, you save money.


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