One of the first steps in building your Las Vegas website is to get a good design prior to development.  It is important to keep in mind that website design & website development are 2 completely different things.

Website design refers to producing a concept for what the website should look like; adversely website development refers to taking that concept and converting it into a website.

These 2 very different tasks (for a Las Vegas web site), require different mindsets & different tools to execute.  The Las Vegas website design phase involves thinking conceptually & artistically & the website development phase involves thinking objectively & technically.  To say it again, design is artistic & development is technical.

As I stated earlier these 2 different phases in the las vegas website building process involve different tools to carry out.  The design phase involves tools like Adobe Photoshop, pen & paper, & other sketching tools.  The web site development process involves execution tools like Rapid PHP, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Flash, etc.

So one phase involves dreaming up the las vegas website design, and the other phase involves actualizing that dream.

Now that we’ve gotten that squared away, it is important to understand that the design phase should take twice as long as the development phase.  A well thought out design makes the development twice as easy, and thus half as long.  In this modern age of rush-rush, instant gratification, some las Vegas website designers aren’t willing to put the proper time into conceptualizing an effective & efficient design.  Furthermore, they don’t take the time to capture their designs in graphics & blueprints.

If you’ve ever tried building a website without any graphical inputs or blueprints you know how difficult it is to please the person that is asking you to build said website.  Although, the requesting client may have a beautiful design in their head, it is near impossible to explain that design in words.  Therefore, it is important for Las Vegas website designers to sit down with the client prior to starting actual work, and to get a good design drawn out either in pen & paper, or preferably in Adobe Photoshop.

The first & easiest step should be to get a simple sketch down, focusing on the layout.  Once this is achieved, the web designer should get hyperlinks to existing websites which the client finds highly inspirational.  What I mean is, the client should show the web designer websites that he/she really likes, and point out elements on these existing websites that the client wants included in their website.

It can sometimes be impossible to find an EXACT match of a website that a client wants to emulate, so rather than focusing on finding the perfect match for a website, focus on specific elements in different sites that the client likes.  You can then collect all these elements into one unified design that can be quickly drawn up in Adobe Photoshop (via cut & paste from website print screens).

If you don’t know how to print screen your monitor view (of the website you are looking at), then Google it.  It’s pretty simple.

On a final note, it is very important that the Las Vegas web site designer have the client sign-off on the rough Photoshop sketchup, prior to actually advancing to the development stage.  it is very important to stress that if there will be any further changes to the original (signed for) las vegas website design, then extra costs will be incurred.

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