Draft 2

  • Hi Jason.  As you requested I moved “Island Cuisine” to the top of the Logo, and put the phrase “Keeping our Family Traditions” under it.
  • And as per your Draft 1c approval, I moved the “sub-brand text” to the center of the hut, and moved your slogan between the Latte Stones.
  • To maintain a focused Brand Identity, we usually only recommend putting 1 slogan on your Logo, however, Joe tells me that you strongly want the “Keeping our Family Traditions” to be there.
  • We decided on keeping the “Authentic Chamorro Food” slogan there as well, because this is the 1 idea we want people to think about when they hear “Island Cuisine”.
  • As a reminder you have 1 more draft left (if you need it), so please let me know if you’d like any tweaks.

Draft 1

  • The Hut Graphic was designed from scratch, and is a completely original piece of artwork.
  • The Hut Graphic is the “umbrella Brand“, and the “express”, “cuisine”, and “fiesta buffet”, are sub-brands underneath it.  This is to ensure that there is no general brand dilution, and each sub-brand can maintain a strong, targeted branding image, in your customers’ minds.
  • The overarching theme of all the logos is “Authentic Chamorro Food”.  This is what the Logo is designed to concisely & quickly communicate to your customers.
  • I just put “Fiesta Buffet” because we needed something to put there.  When you come up with what you want to call it, we can easily change the text.
  • I tried 2 different fonts.  New font is on the left, and the old Vivaldi font is on the right.
  • Please forward this page to your friends & family, and try to gather feedback on which font they prefer;  whether more like the new font, or if they prefer Vivaldi.  Please try to to ask the different age groups (25 – 50),  in your demographic.
  • Just for FYI, we’ve asked around the shop and about 4 to1 prefer the new font citing it as being more “readable” and more “fun”.  However, your Guam customer feedback is more important, so I’m interested to hear what the local response is.
  • If it is easier for them, they can use the “Feedback Form” below to note their preferred font.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Draft 1 is a large file (about 500k) so after clicking it above, please give it some time to load & appear.


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