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 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Website Cost: $600 Free

Delivery Time: 1 day


We will build you an amazing business website (see demo) for free, take care of everything for you, and then all you pay is $57 a month for:

  • Website hosting (on our fast servers)
  • Internet Marketing (we bring you customers)

We take care of everything – You do nothing! 

This plan was designed with the busy small business owner/manager in mind.

You focus on running your business
We focus on running your website
(and bringing you more customers)



Full List of Features Below:


Website Language Translation ($1000 value)

We’ll auto-magically translate your webpages into multiple languages!

  • Coming Soon!
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Chinese / Taiwanese
  • Russian
  • French
  • Italian
  • Spanish
  • and many more!

Domain Name Purchase & Management ($15/year

You find a domain name you like, and we’ll purchase it for you.

  • We pay your $10 yearly service fee for you.
  • We manage your domain for free!
  • We employ a web technology called "masking" to allow people to type in your domain name ( and get to your website.
  • Search for domain name
  • If you don’t care, for a domain name, we can still host your website on our local business network, which can get you more customers via the "network effect".


Website Statistics

We deliver website statistics (number of visitors) directly to your email inbox every month!



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) ($500 value)

Ever wonder why your website isn’t showing up on Google? Chances are it was improperly designed.

  • We design your site to be more compatible with Google, Yahoo, MSN, and
  • Stomper Net trained SEO engineers


Google Search Engine Listing ($200 value)

We get your site listed in Google’s search results

  • This allows your business’s website to be searched for, and found on the Web.



Graphic Design – Visual Map To Your Business ($50 value)

We create a visual map that helps your customers find your business


Graphic Design – Website Header Image ($300 value)

A Header is the first impression a user gets of your site. An effective header will pique a customer’s interest and secure their trust in your business.

  • Email us a Logo, and give us some guidance, and we create a beautiful website header for you.
  • No Logo? We’ll design a professional-looking standard header for you.
  • You can always email a logo to us later, and we’ll include it in your header.
  • see example

Graphic Design – Website Background Image ($200 value)

A sensible website background sets the mood, and helps to secure your "brand image" in the customer’s mind.

  • Email us a Logo or image, and we’ll convert it into a beautiful background for your website.
  • If you don’t have any image, you can choose from our list of beautiful backgrounds (constantly adding more)
  • see example


Weekly Website Data Backups ($300/year)

Never worry about losing your website information again.


Hacker Defense ($200/year)

You let us worry about stopping the bad guys.

  • In the rare case that you do get hacked, (even Microsoft gets hacked), no worries, because we backup your information weekly!
  • Your site will be restored in less than a day.


Web Video & Photo Formatting ($150/year)

Ever been to a website where the images take forever to load? This is common with most amateur websites. Do you know how to upload video, and make sure it runs fast, and at high quality?

  • We use special software to format your photos & videos so that they load quickly on the web.
  • see example


Website Hosting on our Superfast servers ($500/year)

Let us handle all the technical aspects of hosting your website.

  • Our servers have 99% uptime guarantee
  • Our servers have a combined Database & Server RAM size of 8000MB
  • Powerful enough to host
  • Unlimited bandwidth


Reliable Image & Video Hosting ($150/year)

We store your Videos & Photos on Amazon’s S3 network, the same server network that runs


BizSiteNow ClientEditor System ($300 a year)

We are one of the first companies in the world to roll out this exclusive service which allows our clients to login to their website, and add & make changes as easily as sending email.

  • Very easy to use (as easy as sending email)
  • No more waiting for your lazy web admin to make a simple change.
  • Now you are in control of your website
  • We still provide full support in case you need help.
  • See BizSiteNow Client Editor
  • It edits real live pages on your website, like this page


PHOTO Gallery ($50 value)

Present your business to the world using a beautiful photo gallery. Grabs your customers attention and makes them yearn for more.

  • A picture says a thousands words
  • You email us photos & we set up your gallery for you!
  • No photos? We can visit your business & take them for you! (extra fee, but very affordable)
  • see example


Flash VIDEO Player ($50 value)

Grab your customers’ attention with video, and secure a lasting positive impression in their minds. Videos make you stand out from the crowd.

  • A video says a million words
  • You email or upload your video to us & we setup your player for you!
  • No video? We can visit your business & film one for you! (extra fee)
  • You have your choice between hosting your video commercial on YouTube or our Flash Video System.
  • see example
  • Don’t have a video commercial yet?  We’ll take video of your business and create one for you (very affordable!).
  • See some video commercials we made.
  • We post your video on to get you more customers!


YouTube VideoBlock Sensing System ($600 value)

Some clients choose to use YouTube to host their videos because it is fast and familiar to most people. Problem: YouTube is blocked by the military, universities, schools, and most businesses.

  • We developed the YouTube VideoBlock Sensing System™ to address this issue.
  • No other web development company offers this technology.
  • Our system uses our proprietary technology to ensure your video NEVER gets blocked.


Contact Us – WebForm ($300/year)

A great way to keep in touch with your customers.

  • Messages are delivered right to your email inbox
  • see example (scroll down)


Customer Feedback – WebForm ($300/year)

Feedback boxes help you to figure out what your customers want, and they also help you improve your products & services.

  • Feedback is delivered right to your email inbox.
  • see example (click link & scroll down to see)


Email Gathering – WebForm ($300/year)

Want to keep in touch with your customers? Want to send event invitations directly to their email? Our email gathering box allows you to collect your customer’s emails.

  • see example (click link & scroll down to bottom of page)


Email Spam Protection ($75 value)

You should NEVER put your email address (in text) on a website, because of the many spam bots that search the web looking for email addresses to collect.

Once they find your email address on your website, you’ll never stop receiving spam.

We protect your email by:

  1. providing you with a ‘Contact Us‘ Box that hides your email
  2. turning your email into a graphic which can’t be read by spam bots.  We then post this image (instead of text) on your website.


Our BizSiteNow Standard Package includes up to 15 pages!

(Extra pages are $3 extra per page, per month)

  • Easy Login access to your webpages so you can stay in control of your content.
  • You tell us what pages you need

………..or you can also choose from our list of popular ready-to-go pages:

  • Customer Testimonials
  • Customer Feedback
  • Client List
  • Or any other Custom Page you want!




Free Web Advertisement for your business ($1,000/year)

We list your business on prominent local & international websites.  You tell us which sites you want to be advertised on, and we advertise them for free.

  • Free Video Event Advertisement ($6,964/year)

Announce your business events & promotions to the world with free Video Event Advertisement on

  • We’ve partnered with to get you free basic video advertisement for your events & promotions!
  • You email us your event, and we get it listed for you (it’s that easy!)
  • BizSiteNow membership also gets you discounted premium advertisement prices.







For custom business website jobs please contact us

Don’t have a domain name? We’ll buy one for you or host your website on our premium business network. (http://network/your-business)


Want your own Business Email System?
Look super-professional by having your own business email address! [email protected]. contact us


Already have a website?
We’ll transfer all your data over to our system for free!










the red-striked text shows what you are saving by going with BizSiteNow, versus building a website yourself. We are able to roll all these costs into our low monthly payment because of our efficient use of scale & our established development infrastructure.








Need a business Logo?
We can make you a fancy business logo for your website or business cards! We’ll even format it for you so its ready for the Business Card Print Shop! ($100 value)









Need a Video Commercial?
We specialize in making awesome video commercials for your business that anyone can afford! We then market your business video all over the internet for free!









Need Professional Photos for your business?
We’ll visit you, and get you beautiful business shots that we’ll impress your customers. We are a full-service shop. We take care of everything, you do nothing.



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