Email Downtime
As far as the email is concerned, since Google Apps is actually hosting the email, the accounts won’t be lost, but the service may go down while transferring the domain between your DH account and our DH VPS.

  • This has to do with the IP changing, along with the MX records getting deleted on your end.
  • So the downtime we’re looking at is 4-48 hours for the new IP to propagate.
  • In my expereince, it is usually around 6 hours.

Domain X-fer Process Part 1 (Registrar):

  1. You remove the whois privacy service for
  2. You Email me the auth code (inside “Domains->Reg”)
  3. I initiate the x-fer at Godaddy

Although this is the first time I’ve tried from DH, so we’ll see how it goes.

Domain X-fer Part 2 (DH Account):
Now that we have the Registrar changed to ours, we can move forward by changing the domain from your account to my DH account.

  1. Inside, go to “Domains->Manage Domains”
  2. Click the “Delete” button, and confirm that you want to delete it.
  3. Email me to let me know it is safe to now add it into my DH account.


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