Content Star-Rating (aka Content Ranking) is a way for you rank your webpages, so that the most important ones show up first on your website.

Previously, there was no way to make 1 webpage, more important than another.  Clients told us that they wanted some of their pages to be seen first by their users, so we came up with this software module.

Simply put, this module allows you to rank your content (webpages) on a 5-star ranking system.  When you rank a page with 5-Star, the system automatically will take steps to make this page more prominently placed over other pages.

This is a form of social engineering to get your website users to navigate to where you want them to go.

Another bonus, is that if you have a long list of pages (like a products page), you can rank your products by their star-rating, thereby putting your preferred products higher in the list.


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