Keyword tagging, commonly referred to as “tagging“, is simply described as attaching keywords to webpages.  These keywords allow for webpages to be classified more easily by humans & search engines.

To give you a simple example: You are the website admin for your company, Acme Inc., and you just created a new webpage to announce your company’s new product; a hammer for left-handed people.

In order to help “classify” your page for search engines (and users) you apply the following tags to it using our Tagging Module:

  • “left hand hammer”
  • “left handed hammer”
  • “hammer left hand”
  • “hammer for left handers”
  • “acme left hand hammers”

By applying these Tags to your page, you make it more likely that your webpage will get found on Google when someone searches for any of the keywords above.

(*Also helps people find the page using your website Search System).


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