A small beach hotel needed a way to reach out to customers in Asia.  They also needed a way for customers to initiate a Room Booking using the website.

We utilized their supplied photos to design & develop a colorful website that appealed to the Asian customers they were interested in.


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We developed this hotel website back in 2007. This small beach hotel did not previously have a website, and there lack of an online presence meant that they were losing business. We used their inputs to create a unique and simple looking website that would allow customers to easily discover what the hotel had to offer. Mobile Marketing Las Vegas. They also needed a way for customers to book their rooms online. They only offered 3 types of suites, so it was unnecessary for a complex system. We came up with a simple way for website users to book their rooms quickly. We also setup SSL (https) on their checkout page so that customers would trust that the checkout process was safe. After a client checks out, en email is sent to the hotel staff, and they then follow up with the client. Since we implemented their website, there online sales increased exponentially, helping them to turn a higher profit. web design vegas. This project took 1 week to design and develop. We currently host Chalan Kanoa's hotel website for them.